Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bargain of the day!

Well, its sad that our OSH is closing soon, but I am sooooo HAPPY too because I got some great deals today.  I bought the last 2 huge sheets of copper for half price...YUP, you heard me right...half price.  I was so excited because I wasnt sure if they still had the sheets there.  The last time I went, last week, they only had stuff for 20% off, so not a big deal really.  But NOW...ALL the metals are HALF price...Oh yea...I was/am very happy.  I even got me a few spools for just over $2 each....  They are not quite out of things yet in the store, there are lots of things still to sell.  Now if I can wait it out another week, they may have the wire even cheaper..but I bet it will be gone by the time I get back there.

Now, with all this copper, I guess I need to start playing with it...  :-)

It is covered with fingerprints...hehehe...but look how huge those sheets are!  26 gauge, so a perfect weight to play play play...

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