Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The different lengths of necklaces and what to wear them with!

Lengths of Necklaces
I found these measurements online and thought it would be a great addition to know for us Jewelry designers.  I added my own twist on these and hope you are able to use this.
Bib necklace
Honestly I have never heard of a bib necklace before, but I think I understand what this would look like.  If you can imagine what a bib for a baby looks like and turn it into a necklace, that’s what it would be.  A bib necklace has multiple strands of stepped stones and such.  So the larger stone would be on the bottom and gradually get smaller on the sides. 
Approximately 12-14 inches in length.  Fits snugly in the middle of neck.  Collar necklaces add an elegant look and feel to any wardrobe!  Looks great with scoop neck collars.  Very Victorian look and feel with this style.
Approximately 14-17 inches in length. A choker adds a little classy look and feel to any wardrobe.  There are a ton of reasons to wear a choker.  They are sexy, can be wide or thin, or multiple strands.  Many people who are into Goth love this style of necklace.
Approximately 18-20 inches in length.  These type necklaces are very popular and common.  Not too long and not too short.  They dress up any wardrobe as does any necklace.  You can go with a simple look or a heavily beaded look to feel like a princess!
Approximately  20-24 inches in length. This style necklace is a good choice for sweaters or professional attire.  I have seen these with multiple length strands and are quite attractive.  They do tend to be a little on the heavy side depending on the size of beads used.
Approximately 28-34 inches in length. This is worn as a single or double strand necklace.  It is very a very classy style and goes great with high neck collars.  I can see these worn at the opera and holding those snooty glasses..LOL,
Rope, Sautoir, Lariat
Approximately 45 or more in length. Elegant and sensuous, the famous Coco Chanel pearl rope is an example.  I see these a lot in magazines, but never have worn one.  They look fun to wear! Lariats have unattached ends for knotting or wrapping.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Magrat is finished!

Well, she took me only a year...not bad I suppose for me!  But Magrat is finished and she is heading east right now!  I will put up more pics of her soon.  Hope you like her...