Monday, August 10, 2015

Fimo Professional True Colors Sample Pack...

 I am so excited...I came home today to an unexpected package in the mail today! I had filled out a survey through a Facebook post about the new Staedtler Fimo Professional True Color polymer clay. They were only handing out so many boxes for free for filling out the survey...  I was fortunate to be one of the winners... I call it a winner because I rarely get things like this because 9 out of 10 times I am too late or just not the lucky one..

So this is what I got...6, 3oz. packs of clay...

This awesome color chart telling you the mixes and what they look like.  Its a huge list of colors, this is a small example.  The page is folded 7 times.  The 4 center pages are all the different mixes you can make. And I am sure you can make your own mixes...  I am anxious to get my hands into these clays and make some mixes of my own.  I do wish they included black, but then the numbers would be odd and the box would need to be bigger...hehehe...

This is also one of the folded pages...a nice color wheel.
So you can see how the excitement of playing with a new clay is going to be.  I will do another post once I get to dig in and have a little fun and let you know how it went.  This may take me a little time..I started back to work today so I will be pretty busy for a little while until my schedule is set.  So, come back in about a month...or follow my blog or facebook or twitter... L0(

Saturday, August 01, 2015

My Creations for ZnetShows Summer Magazine

Well, I had this awesome write up about this challenge for the Summer Issue of Creative Spark magazine from  And I managed to delete the entire page..  Don't ask, cuz really I dont know how I lost the whole thing.  Once I realized I made the mistake, I did the control Z, normal response to undoing a mistake right...NOT.. It would not work.  SOoooo, I am going to have to delay writing up the entire post again.  But for now... You can enjoy the pictures ...and the magazine.  Isn't that the most important part anyway...LOL

You can find me on page 87.  There is so much awesomeness with this issue, you dont want to miss out.  I am more impressed with each issue of all the beautiful creations.

Here is the yummy bundle of cultured sea glass beads I received.. I was to make NON jewelry pieces...

Here is what I made...

FAN PULLS...LOVE THESE...but the charms need to be on both sides..other than that, they fit quite nicely on my kitchen and dining room fan pulls

These are lanyards... I call these BLT..LOL These are the first things that came across my mind when asked to make something different.  I wear lanyards at work and the students I work with make these to raise moola for the class to buy food and other stuff!


Stitch markers...these are perfect for those who crochet or knit. I have been making stitch markers for some time now but never really made them like these.. They turned out really pretty.  I just love this color combination.

These are the extra beads I received with my bundle of joy.  The more I work with the sea glass beads, the more I really do like them.  I have liked them all along, but wow..they are so cool!

This is one of my extra pieces of sea glass beads. The bracelet is quite yummy I might add.  It fits so nicely.  I will post more pics later today.

I am not really a ring person, but I do like to make them and how awesome is this???.  This is my prototype, I think it needs a little more work but I do like it..and its actually fun to wear..  :-)  The challenge is that is has two bending the wire is a tad of a challenge and the glass chipped just a tiny tiny bit..not enough to really make a difference in the ring, you cant really tell it got chipped, but I know its there... I think I will need to use a lighter gauge wire,

:-)   Chris