Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ravelry July Box

Here is my sample piece for the Ravelry July box. The package includes the head, a charm piece, sequins and starfish. I created this mermaid pin some time ago and thought she turned out really well. She can be used as a pin or an ornament. I will have the full tutorial available on my website soon. Its available for a small fee and is in a pdf format....Hope you like her!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New listings on Art Fire

Are these great or what???  I fell in love with these rings.  I learned how to make them and now there is no stopping me from making more...LOL...a little pricey to make but worth it.  I have them listed now in my Art Fire store...yea another store...Like I need another one...Anyway, hope you like them too...

Ravelry June Box

Here is my sample included in the June Box.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I strongly believe there is a Heaven.  On Weds. June 9th, my Aunt Kathy got her wings and flew to Heaven.  She fought long and hard to survive, but the cancer fought harder than what she could do.  I am sad and happy.  Sad that I will miss her, sad that my Uncle will be alone, sad for my mom for the loss of her younger sister and best friend.  But I am also happy that I had her for my aunt, happy she is no longer in pain and suffering, and just happy that she is home with her parents/my grandparents and her older sister/my other aunt.  Death is not an easy process in life to deal with, it is confusing.  Should one be happy or sad?  As you see, I feel it is both.  I know things will be fine for those who were so close to her.  The hurt will eventually mend, but the memories will never go away.
If there is anything I learned from the passing of my Aunt, is that Ovarian cancer is silent and deadly.  I never really paid much attention to it since there was really no need.  But now, Ovarian cancer should be further researched and there should be a cure of some kind out there.  Most women who get Ovarian cancer are diagnosed way too late.  Be aware, always get check-ups on a regular basis.  Ask your relatives if anybody in your family has ever been diagnosed with it, or other cancers.  Its a terrible disease and it really needs to be cured.....
God Bless you all....