Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fairy in a Tree

Here she is looking straight at her. The colors are a little more richer than in this photo, but very close. I hand stitched the beads on because of the new technique that I learned in my beading class yesterday. She is so pretty...not bad for my first online class making a sculpted face. I have done a little bit of sculpting on my own, but really never done anything this nice. I am quite excited about the finished piece...

Fairy Doll in a Tree

This is a side profile of my doll face. She is only about 1 1/2 inches or so long and all the bead work was added today. I am taking this class online and fell in love with the idea and look of the original artwork. So, this is my creation. I will be adding more images later as time goes...

Grape Bracelet

This was my first one I made last night at our local bead store. I had a lot of fun learning how to put this together. It was so easy. I am dreaming up ways now how to incorporate this style into my dolls...Hmmm...the brain is clickin..

New Bracelets

How fun this was to make! I learned last night how to make this bracelet and I just love the way it turned out.. This is actually my second one I made. It is far better in person than this photo although I do think the photo shows enough of the details and the colors. I am now addicted to beading...Oh boy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Isabell The Renaissance Fairy

Isabell is my latest creation. She comes from the Renaissance Era. Her head is topped with a delicate felt like flower sprinkled with glitter and seed beads. Her wings are gold plated wings. I made her skirt with a scrap piece of fabric dyed with a variety of dyes and lightly glittered with seed beads. Her ta'ta's are floral type glass beads with a tiny brass bead on the end. She has a piece of junk jewelry for her necklace and her body is decopauged with green and cream colored papers. Her hands and legs are a variety of glass beads and wooden beads.

Bowling with style!

I went bowling with my class and as always I take my camera everywhere we go. I started taking pictures of them bowling...then thought it would be great if I took pictures of the ball hitting the pins...and this is what I got. I took many shots but love this one the best. I did some digital enhancements of coarse to make it look this way. I used Paint Shop Pro to change it to black and white and added the texture. Then I put it in PhotoShop and added the color image to it and did some adjustments til I got the look I wanted... I really like how this turned out. Please do not use this photo other than to share it with others to see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

How does one do this?

How do you do it? I have been adding new blogs to my list and I cant seem to keep up with them all. I now have 3 stores online that I put my art on for sale, plus my own website. Im finding it to be quite time consuming. I will admit though that I have lots more visitors than before. Guess that is what my goal was in the first place, more exposure! Im not complaining, I just want to know if there are others out there who have this same issue!

On another note, I wanted to share with you my latest and greatest doll. Vintage Bride. She is quite beautiful I might add...I enjoyed putting her together over the weekend and I am quite pleased with how she turned out. Let me know what you think?

Have a Great Monday!!!


Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

A little late as I usually am. I have been sick for what seems eternity, but am finally feeling like my normal self. I took my first day back to work off so that I can recover from the nasty germ that infected me right after Christmas. I also had a little mishap yesterday while cleaning up my work room... I kindof fell..yes..clutz that I am! So now I got this huge nasty bruise on my really hurts, but I will live. So that is another good reason to hang out at home today. My body is a little sore. I feel stupid..never have I fallen like this before..If I wasnt cleaning my room, I wouldnt have fallen right? But I had to clean up this mess...after the holidays this room can be really crazy. So every year I have to tidy up! Well...more than once a year I have to do tidy up. So, now that my room is in better shape...I can get back to work on my creations. I did something different this Christmas. I made earrings. I sent them to my sisters and my mom about 2 weeks before I went out there. They sold almost every pair for me! I was amazed! And they want more guess they like my stuff. So my younger sister and I went to Beverlys craft store and we found such beautiful beads, nothing I have seen in my area. So, I bought a bunch of them.. spent the money I made! But the beads are really beautiful, how could I resist! So, I am thinking that maybe I should do a little more with jewelry. Its fun, and fairly simple to make. Just what I need, another hobby....... Oh well...that is what life is all about right?

Ok, so, as time goes, I will be adding more of my creations to my blog... OH, did I mention that I submitted my dolls to a book? Yup, I did. Lets hope they accept my art. I will keep you posted on that too!

SO, here is one more of my creations. I decided to name her Orange Blossom. I have 2 more bottles of the same size to do up, and I will add them as soon as I get them done. And my other doll just below this message is named Wisteria. I had other names, but I like these 2 for now.

OH, and one more thing...I got my new camera for Christmas...I am sooooo happy. The Canon Rebel...LOVE IT! So, I will have better photos of my stuff...YIPPY!