My Mermaids

I am having a little fun figuring out how to add pages now to my I slow or what?  SO I decided to have a page of just my mermaids...I actually have a ton of dolls and several paintings I thought I would share with you.  Hopefully I will add more in the future as I create more...most of these are either sold or I still have them hanging around...Enjoy!
Ps...please do not take any of these paintings.  I do have larger images if you would like to purchase any of them.  They also make great cards...thank you... 
A Treasure is also one of my favorite mermaid paintings.  She is holding her new born baby in her arms adoring her.  And the fish also came to see the new addition to the sea!  My friend wrote the poem...Thanks're the best!

 This is Lavinya Blush.  I think she is great!  I did the entire piece from head to toe including the poem.  A real good friend of mine and I talked on the phone for about an hr talking about her and putting the poem together.  In the end though, the poem is mine...Thanks Brenny for the inspiration!
This mermaid was not drawn by me, but it was made for me.  I did all the pen work and the painting.  She is beautiful too...I love her face and her entire look!  Thanks Phill!

 This is Tigress, she is one of my favorites.  She is also done on a huge sheet of watercolor paper. Someday I will make a doll out of her.  I have her wings done...Hehehe.  She started out as pencil, then ink, then watercolor.  Took me a while to put her together..
This is my first mermaid watercolor painting.  I think she is just beautiful.  I have her as a tattoo on my back, and my sister has a matching one.

Minerva is not my favorite one, but I used a different technique painting her.  I like her hair and her wings took me a long time to do since she is on a sheet of 18x24 watercolor paper...but I did enjoy making her.
This mermaid I really like the colors.  She actually has a lot of detail but its a little lost in the copy.  I photoshop'd the background.  

Below are aprons that I have painted up as mermaid bodies...these really are lots of fun!  I taught classes on these, infact I will be adding the tutorials on how to make these to one of my shops someday soon.