Sunday, July 30, 2017


Wow...its amazing...just life is so full and how so many things can get neglected like my blog!  Yup...its been seriously neglected.  I can say I have all these excuses...but NOPE...I don't.  My only excuse is that I am not as organized as I would like to be... and what about priorities?  All I can do is take a deep breath and then let is all out.  I feel better already! LOL  SO.... how have you all been doing? It's hot here in CA and I don't want to go outside...but it's so nice in the mornings.  That's when I like to go out and water my tomatoes.

Right now I'm enjoying watching the ball game with hubby.  If you haven't seen on my FB page, this summer hubby had a medical emergency.  Yup...a ruptured aneurysm.  It's easy to talk about now since all is well. But at the time that it happened, it was scarier than heck! Finding my husband in the bathroom at 3 am vomiting, had a horrendous headache, then suddenly start shaking and could not move.  I immediately called 911, then he passed out and fell. I was able to assist him on the way down so he wouldn't get hurt. WOW...then from there on out for 16 days, it was Mr. Toads Wild Ride!  16 days in the hospital will change your life! Did you know your muscles turn into rubber within a very short time while laying in a hospital bed without moving around?

We have been so blessed in so many ways. He is going to have full recovery, but it will take about 1-2 years.  You look at him today and you wouldnt think he had gone through hell and back.  He has good days and bad days, but I will take that any day!  Now it's time to move on and get our strength and life back!

Outer Limits by HUBBY!

So, while we were recovering from this craziness, I decided to learn a little about acrylic pouring.  I had so much fun de-stressing with this technique.  This painting is beautiful.  Hubby picked the colors and he guided me in this design.  He said it looks like outer space to him. To me, it looks like the daily ultrasounds they did of his brain.  This is kind of what I saw. I thought it was an interesting combination of colors to start with.  The only difference I think was where you see the lighter blue, there was black.  And the little bits of red and blue was how the ultrasound saw the blood flowing around inside the brain...yes...sorry...its a little graphic. And yes, there was a lot of it. UGH... But it was also interesting because of everything they did to him, saved his life! 

And all I can do is say THANK YOU to all the Drs. Nurses, and even the other care workers involved. The firemen, EMT, helicopter pilot and the 2 EMT's that flew with him, the ambulance drivers, the cooks, the people who cleaned his room (s), the medical insurance!  Yes, even the medical insurance had a huge part in how this was all dealt with.  If they didn't approve for him to go to a specialist within the first 6 hrs of this happening, things could have been different! 

 So...KUDDOS to Vacaville Fire Department and First Responders, Vacavalley Hospital Emergency Room,  Mercy San Juan in Carmichael, Sutter Medical in Sacramento and the Visiting Nurses.  I can not forget the social workers and physical therapists who helped while he was in both hospitals! 

They are ALL our HERO's!

GOD bless them all for their professionalism, respect, patience, compassion, and love of their jobs!