Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here is a photo of my Dotee Exchange Doll. I have not picked a name for her yet. I will wait til my mind can think a little more clearer. Its been a week tomorrow since my surgery. I am feeling better now. Its the most painful surgery I have had yet, and hope I dont have to go through this again. I am being good although I have bumped it a few times which I pray to God I dont do again. Good thing is I am able to go without my sling for hrs. at a time. Im getting better atyping with my left hand too....

I am still planning on creating an on line course as to how to make my glass bottle dolls. I have it in the makings and once I am able to type normal again, I will hsve it done in no yime. I will put a photo of her on the site once she is ready to be submitted....

more later...hugs,


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Well, its done. My shoulder surgery is complete. There is nothing I can compare the pain with, all i know is that it really hurts a lot. The pain will shoot in it just as quick as it goes. I have not functioned since Wed. It seems to be more stiff now and feels better when i try to stretch it out some. Iknow it will get better and i cant wait til that day comes. more later