Saturday, January 09, 2016

Oh Mama Mia...where has the time flown?

Hi everybody...hope your New Year has started with a blast! All is going well on my end, but it just seems like the time has flown so dang fast and I am trying to play catch up!

A couple months ago, the design team for Znetshows was asked to make NON Jewelry creations and we had a few categories to choose from.  I chose ornaments...heck...who doesnt like a good pretty ornament, whether its on a tree, window, plant, or even hanging from your car rear view window?

So, I chose my pieces and a couple of weeks went by before I received my lovely beads... As always, they are so generous at Znetshows so I got a pretty bundle of joy!.  While I was waiting, I did some doodling and trying to decided on what I was going to create... 

I made one painting of a goddess on watercolor paper.  It turned out really nice but it didnt have that punch in the colors I I photo-shopped the image and wow...I just think she is far better looking..

You can see the photo of the original and the finished piece here...big difference.

Here is a better look at the finished piece.  What I did here was lots of fun... I copied my painting onto nice paper, adhered it to clay...sealed it and did some bead work around the piece. Its a little on the big side.3 inches round...but I think its a good fit for this design.

For my next piece was a little more challenging for me to make.  I used heavy gauge copper and a bit of smaller gauged wire to create it..  

This was the drawing I made and I think I came pretty darn close to this idea.

Here is the finished piece... Cant you see something like this hanging in your window, or on a plant to bring it the sun?

Cultured Sea Glass double-hole flat free form mix Pendants two hole varies 84-Lemon 

For my 3rd piece, it was a bit simpler.  I had been making some fun little wired hooks for ornaments and the idea came to me for what I wanted to add to one of the hooks as I was making it.  I thought...hmm..why not use the starfish as a star and hang some chains with some beads...and make it like a shooting star!

Simple yet elegant shooting star... This was a hit for my son...LOL he had me make him like 3 of these babies to give to his friends for Christmas... :-)

Thanks again for stopping by...  I hope you enjoyed this little blurp...if you have any questions please feel free to send me a little note..