Friday, August 08, 2014

Preparing for the RAW event

I have been super busy preparing for this event and I sure hope its worth all of the work...  I have not only made jewelry but I also made the tags, labels, I even made my own displays...  I have some stuff already but I want this event to go very well for me and I want to present myself as being not only professional but also quite creative...and FUN!  So first I want to share with you the tags I have been working on.  Its all a learning process for me since using the Cameo Silhouette is still a piece of new machinery for me.

So what I did first was do the hunt...I went to Graphic Stock and found a really nice graphic I thought would go well with my style.  Below is the process with which I went through to create it.  It looks like a lot of work, but really it goes fairly fast.  I use PaintShopPro and Photoshop to do most of me editing, but with this particular image, I used PSP.  I removed the background and some of the shadow and put a white circle on the top.  Then step 3, I put the image into the Cameo software, (by the way, it only accepted a jpeg image, so dont try to use a png!), traced out the image.  Once I was happy with the results of the line drawing, I grouped the pieces then copied and pasted them and put as many shapes as I could on the page.

Save the file..always save before you cut or print..I have made enough mistakes over the years that its something I automatically do.  Although the Cameo software does a nice job of autosave.  Then step 4 as you see is the final results after cutting.  I am going to eventually put another little label on the bottom half of the tags that say THANK YOU.  I found the exact shape on Graphic Stock and digitally cut out each label and saved them with different names...  I am really liking Graphic Stock.  There are far more designs I can use for more than just eye candy!  Anyway, I hope you like the tags...  When I get the second label made and adhere it to the tag I will show it to you then.

More fun stuff coming soon!
Thanks for stopping by..Chris  :-)