Sunday, April 27, 2014

BSBP Soup Teaser

Well, I finally had some time to play with my fun bead soup from my bead partner Christine.  I though I would share a little teaser...  Now, this is just one piece and I still have a whole lot more to make..Christine gave me a ton of beautiful beads..  Im still undecided on one of the pendents as to if I like what I made or if I need to take it all apart and do it over again...  I like the pendent a whole lot, but I am having a difficult time making it shine....  I still have a week to go...wish me luck!!  :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today's world is a little mixed up and people go nuts when you post something they dont like or take offensively.  Personally, I take no offense of other peoples opinions.  Its just their opinion so why should it matter to me?

So with that said...  I hope everybody in this entire world has a wonderful day, enjoy the spring flowers, and for those who celebrate on this beautiful day...

Happy Easter!