Monday, November 17, 2008

Ok, I am confused. I made a change to my posts and it ended up deleting all of my images!!! Weird. So, I need to do this again. This is a mural which a group of us ladies are painting in a kids waiting area at Safe Quest.

I was asked to do a painting by a very nice lady from Hawaii. She wanted me to paint her niece into a mermaid. I did a couple of line drawings and figured which one would best suite her. Here is the result of that painting. The background is done in acrylics and the rest is done with oils. The paintings name is Bryanna!

Well, I have been quite busy these days, so I am finally sitting down to add to my blog. I started creating these really cute dolls over the past 2 months and they seem to be quite popular. So I thought I would start putting them here to show off a little. They are quite fun to make and can be done up as wild as I want them to be. The dolls are made out of small bottles with a cork top. Now that I said that, these will make more sense to you...