Sunday, August 18, 2013

I forgot I had this handy tool!

I forgot I had purchased a yarn winder a couple of years ago for all the fun yarns I have.  I had purchased these beautiful skeins of Sari Silk from Divinity Fibers on Etsy last year.  They were nicely twisted together but over time after taking a piece here and a piece there...the fiber was starting to get tangled and messy...., the LIGHT came on...DUH..I can make my life a little easier if I just use the tools I have...or remember that I have them.  LOL.  So, I pulled out my handy dandy yarn spooler and whipped those tangled skeins into these beautifully wrapped spools of fiber.  

Ahhh...much easier to use, much easier to store... 

 I think I just like looking at them now...hehehehe.. 

 My little Lily kitty crouched down in that kitty play mode and was getting ready to play with the fiber as I was rolling it up...but all I had to say was...Hey, what are you think of doing? She looked at me...sat down, well crouched down...and just watched me unravel the fiber and then wind it all up on my handy dandy yarn winder...  Well worth the cost of this little winder.  They are not cheap I must admit, but something I know will last me a long time and I know I will use it over and over....

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