Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tues, when we went back to work after Thanksgiving...I was walking to the classroom and saw this ugly but very interesting mushroom. It was huge! I got all excited about taking a picture of it..but realized I did not have my camera. So, I used the schools camera but the picture sucked! I could not get a close up photo with that camera. So I had to wait til yesterday to take the when I got to work, I was all geared up to take this picture of the ugly mushroom...and when I looked at changed! It is still ugly, but it drooped and was dripping this black stuff on the ground. So I thought I would take the picture anyways...I do like how it turned out even though it was not as exciting looking as the day before. So I thought I would share this funny looking mushroom...I like it! :-)

If anybody knows what kind of mushroom this is, please let me know...


  1. I have no idea what mushroom it is but you have an artistic eye... I could imagine fairys and pixies nearby...

    Isnt it always the way, you see something perfect for a pic and its the one time you leave your camera at home :)

  2. Well...Thanks A'Jay...I am going to have to do the hunt on mushrooms...LOL I just might have to use this photo for a painting some day. I do have a photo of the mushroom in full bloom but it was taken on a camera that the photo doesnt have much detail.

    I have to learn to leave my camera in my car...and to remember to have a fresh set of batteries...LOL