Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cindy Fairy DOll

This doll was sooo much fun for me to make. I made her for my sister Cindy for her birthday. She loves blacks and reds. Her kitchen is done in the Coca Cola motif and her livingroom is done in a really nice warm red. So I thought this doll would fit right in. Most of my dolls have crocheted wire skirts as this one but with different yarns. All my dolls have little to large TA TA's, the bigger the better...LOL On this doll, I decided to do something a litte different and added a flower to the top of her head to kind of create a hat. Then I thought it needed something else and added the wire and little dangle...sure made a difference! As for the hands, I found a black hand glass bead and it suited her quite well. My sister really liked her when I gave it to her...