Saturday, September 06, 2014

Anchors Aweigh Blog Hop Reveal!!!

Just a little blurp...I am sorry my page was not put up earlier, I had it set up to post last night at midnight and it did not post the page...ARGH. But here it is...and thanks for stopping by!

Here it is!  I was so excited about winning these beautiful Anchor beads created by Diana Ptaszynski. My hubby is a retired sailor, so when Rita from Tolec Jewels put this blog hop together I was all over it, probably the first person to request them!  I received my little package of joy within a short time and had to make a pit stop at the bead store almost immediately!   LOL  These beads got to travel to DC in July when hubby and I went on our vacation and to visit our son in Baltimore (and we made a little pit stop in Germantown and got to meet Lee and Bill from Znetshow...very nice people).  Although I didn't have much time to play with the beads, I think they enjoyed the trip! hehehe

So, before I even started putting this all together, my first idea was to make a multiple wrap around bracelet I have been coveting.  But as you see, my plans had changed some.  I don't remember what I did first, but I put a few fun elements in this piece I think that really make it work!

I enameled this really pretty filigree finding I got at our local bead store.  I had the perfect colors of enamel, so it went rather smoothly with that piece.  Then I knew I wanted to add the beads at the I put a piece of chain on it and threw on the was way too plain and simple for me, so I made the AHOY charm from resin clay. I made two pieces which I tried to resembled wood with a little texture on them.  Added some metallic rub on silver and gold and those looked great!  Then I thought it needed a little more I added the seahorse charm which I patina'd yellow.  Now it was starting to look good... 

I strung on some beads on both sides and thought I needed something that was going to give this some wow power..then I made the LOVE MY SAILOR resin I was quite happy at this point...the necklace was looking really good... But I thought it still needed something to break up the colors just a little...and then I remembered I had these beautiful ceramic beads I received from my very first bead soup partner.  It is the light pink bead you see on the right side of the picture... That was the perfect bead...I just love this necklace!

Then, last, I made these great bracelets using memory wire.  I am now a fan of memory wire.  With having 2 of the anchor charms, I didn't want to just make some cute earrings...I wanted MORE...and I think I got more accomplished! I tossed in that cute turtle which was a perfect match with the colors.  I have decided that this set is going to be ALL MINE! I wear it frequently and get lots of great compliments.  

Without this challenge, I would not have created these, so I really appreciate the awesome anchor charms and generosity from Diana, and opportunity to create with these charms from Toltec Jewels..

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  1. Wow! That an incredible set! That necklace especially is a stunner.

  2. I think these are my favorite pieces from the hop (shhhh, don't tell). You put so much thought, love, color, and texture in your designs. Beautiful pieces.

  3. What an amazing set! Wonderful colors and texture. Bravo!

  4. Christina-Your necklace and bracelet are both wonderful. You did a great job on the beads that you made for the necklace. The colors and beads you used in the bracelet are all so visually interesting. Well done!

  5. This is one of my favorite colour combos (OK blue with anything LOL) talking about blue and orange, which predominates IMHO. I'm glad I clicked on the photos, which really showed the exquisite details of your design, Christina. Beautifully done!

  6. I can see why you are wearing your new pieces, its because they are amazingly beautiful! Love the colors and see the same colors on your blog page so they must be favorites of yours! So...Shabby Chic met a sailor!

  7. you always do Chris...

  8. I love all the story of your pieces! It is so very meaningful and awesome! The wood resin is really cool, and I love the enameled piece. I understand your love of the memory wire bracelet, I love it too!

  9. Hi Christina you chose great colors for this design. The set is beautiful.

  10. Thank you all very much for the wonderful compliments..this has been a really fun hop and challenge. If you have not heard back from me, please know that I will respond back to you via email... HUGS to ALL!!!

  11. Wow you really did a lot after just starting with 2pieces. Lol. Your colors are just fantastic and I can see why you are keeping this for yourself.

  12. Nice to read your story of the make off... The result is great, beautiful colour combinations and lots of texture and details! I can imagine, it's a keeper...

  13. I loved hearing about your design process and I am in love with the bracelets! I too wanted to do a bit more than just earrings and it was fun to challenge myself to do that. Great job!

  14. I enjoyed reading about your design process as much as I love looking at the necklace and bracelets you made. They are beautiful, and what a journey they had!! Gina H

  15. Love the color and the variety of the beads and the texture and...LOL I just love it!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  16. Both of the pieces are so fun and visually interesting to look at! I love you variety of colors and textures. I would keep this set for me as well!

  17. Christina, oops I love this mixed media ensemble. Mixed media is my favorite & the cute yellow gold sea horse complements the whole design with all of the individual pieces.