Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I just LOVE this digital magazine

This is where my imagination can go wild!  I am a member of Photography Artistry and am learning how to create better designs. I am in AWE of all the awesomeness that comes from other designers minds.  To have that type of imagination would be an ultimate gift from God.  But I know that our gifts are all different.  So I am sharing with you this beautifully designed digital magazine by some AMAZING artists that will blow your mind...
Click on the link below...

Enjoy your summer and dream a little dream...



Monday, June 13, 2016



Nature’s true love is COPPER. I am a lover of copper, how can you not be?  With all its benefits to our human existence and its beauty, the possibilities of creativity are endless! 
PS..check out my website...Ive made lots of changes...WINGSNSCALES
As a designer of many things… I love to play with copper the most.   Today, I want to show you some exciting designs I have made with copper.

Tweet Tweet! A tiny blue bird says “HELLO” while dangling off the bottom branch.
A bit of the sea is always fun for me to paint up!
 Nature's True Love
This one screams SEXY all the way!  Sold within minutes of an event I attended a couple of years ago…I miss it!
 Nature's True Love
These beauties are from my students… I have no favorite…they are all super cool!
 Nature's True Love
Love…do you see it? The heart in the middle is what is a natural shape underneath a horse hoof!  I just had to paint this!!

 Nature's True Love
As you know..seaglass is one of my favorite beads to work with.. I added some sparkly glass shards on this one…only on the top 🙂
 Nature's True Love
I will admit…its not my favorite piece…but I still love the soft colors.  Its hard to see the agate, but it is quite yummy…

This is my latest and greatest piece… ALL 100 percent mine…of course, most of my pieces are. But with wire wrapping, it can be a tad tricky but I believe I have drastically improved over time…

Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Madness...

OOoohccie wa wa!!!...its been way too long since I have posted...daaang!  Well...I will be honest with you... I have been focusing alot of my extra time on my website.  If you havent been to visit my website lately, stop on by and see my new look.  WINGSNSCALES It is far from being done...there is sooooo much to do.  I want to eventually have my own shop instead of going through Etsy...  So, Ive been taking these awesome online classes on how to do my website better and how to get myself out there a bit more.  I have a new pop up that invites you to my newsletter...  I am working on my first real newsletter and hope to have it out there by the end of this month...  I would love to have you come join my newsletter...  Ive actually teamed up with my BFF in NY...but she has had some not so good things going on right now, but when she is back on track, you will just love what she has to offer.

I hope you guys are all doing is so full these days we forget to think of take some time to yourself and do what ever it is you love to do.

One thing I have been doing is making more of my cork bottle dolls... This one is called Niahm.  I have her on my website and there is a little blurp on her...

I have agreed to make 30 art dolls by late November so they can be in an auction on Facebook...Yea.30 of these babies...well...different sizes and some will be glass I will keep you posted on that  progress.  I have 2 in the makings at the moment...

In the mean time...I would love to have you stop by my site...say HI...join my newsletter.... if you want...  OH..

I would also LOVE to get some FEEDBACK..  If you leave a comment here or through my comment page on my website.(make sure you let me know you are one of my blog followers)..K......
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ps...some pages do not have any content yet...soon....  :-)


I will have more questions for you soon... more discounts will be offered...and possibly a giveaway...oh them giveaways... lol

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Oh Mama Mia...where has the time flown?

Hi everybody...hope your New Year has started with a blast! All is going well on my end, but it just seems like the time has flown so dang fast and I am trying to play catch up!

A couple months ago, the design team for Znetshows was asked to make NON Jewelry creations and we had a few categories to choose from.  I chose ornaments...heck...who doesnt like a good pretty ornament, whether its on a tree, window, plant, or even hanging from your car rear view window?

So, I chose my pieces and a couple of weeks went by before I received my lovely beads... As always, they are so generous at Znetshows so I got a pretty bundle of joy!.  While I was waiting, I did some doodling and trying to decided on what I was going to create... 

I made one painting of a goddess on watercolor paper.  It turned out really nice but it didnt have that punch in the colors I I photo-shopped the image and wow...I just think she is far better looking..

You can see the photo of the original and the finished piece here...big difference.

Here is a better look at the finished piece.  What I did here was lots of fun... I copied my painting onto nice paper, adhered it to clay...sealed it and did some bead work around the piece. Its a little on the big side.3 inches round...but I think its a good fit for this design.

For my next piece was a little more challenging for me to make.  I used heavy gauge copper and a bit of smaller gauged wire to create it..  

This was the drawing I made and I think I came pretty darn close to this idea.

Here is the finished piece... Cant you see something like this hanging in your window, or on a plant to bring it the sun?

Cultured Sea Glass double-hole flat free form mix Pendants two hole varies 84-Lemon 

For my 3rd piece, it was a bit simpler.  I had been making some fun little wired hooks for ornaments and the idea came to me for what I wanted to add to one of the hooks as I was making it.  I thought...hmm..why not use the starfish as a star and hang some chains with some beads...and make it like a shooting star!

Simple yet elegant shooting star... This was a hit for my son...LOL he had me make him like 3 of these babies to give to his friends for Christmas... :-)

Thanks again for stopping by...  I hope you enjoyed this little blurp...if you have any questions please feel free to send me a little note..

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday Season is HERE....

So, its been another month since I posted just flies so fast when its this time of the year...  Im off now for a I have a ton of catching up!  Here is a fun Gift Shopping video I know you will enjoy ...

Thanks so much to Krafty Max for putting this together...she is an awesome designer.  Here is her website if you want to see more of her work...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wow..its been way too long since I posted... Been super busy creating this and that...  Yesterday was the 50th anniversary for the Vacaville Art Gallery and I have been working on making my creations stand out a little more from the rest of the Boutique section of the art gallery.  So I created SIRI..she is so beautiful..well...I think she is..LOL  And here is a look at her.  She is my display piece and is holding onto my watercolor necklaces....  She is now sitting on her pedestal at the art gallery and looks amazing.  I want to make more of these with different colors and different designs.  I have 6 so its going to be a challenge to do them all up differently...well..maybe..LOL  This particular head is created with 90% permanent eh?  I have never done a design with just markers...  If you have any ideas of what you think would look great, please feel free to leave me a comment... 

 This one is called Siri...she is a mermaid...

This photo is now my FB home page image...

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Ahh...the excitement of a new laptop...

Ok so its like this... I went to Sams club, they have a small selection of decent laptops and I was on the hunt for a new one.  I found the perfect was looking at me and whispering in my ear..."take me the one who will make you happy"...  I talked to my son who knows computers quite well...we discussed all the details which were posted on that tab staring at me.  It was perfect...  So I snatch up the LAST ticket, make my purchase...wait in a line for about 10 minutes...  The excitement of a new laptop was swimming in my head.   I get up the nice lady my receipt.  She calls up one of the other ladies who can open the cage.  I watch her, she grabs the only box that has its flaps open...damn...I say in the back of my mind.  She  looks at it, it looked like it hadnt been removed from the box, but she called in the pro from the computer department to make sure all was well.  The very nice lady shows up...very happy to help me out.  She gently removes the laptop...looks good..all was there.  She said it didnt look like it was used and it finger prints, nothing to indicate it was a return.  She said all returns are marked anyway and that one wasnt marked.  So perhaps the taping came loose...and the flaps opened didnt look bad at all.  So my excitement was still there...

I take the lovely silvery laptop home with me...ahhh...its now sitting on my old laptop waiting to get plugged in and set son comes home from work...he is all excited too.  He takes a look at it and tells me its a very nice laptop.  I turn it on for the first stares at me...then suddenly a bunch of programs start being installed... 1 hr of of installs and still not able to use it...but there is light at the end of the tunnel..  I see a pretty yellow icons...YAY...soon soon..I will get to sink my mind and fingers into it... restarts for the bazillianth time...and continues with installing software...  ok..this is getting getting tired of eyes and brain are tired now...its getting late...  Then...just as I was getting ready to consider going to bed... it happened.. a black screen... telling me there was a boot disc error and  it needed to insert a boot disc cd..what the hell?  It has no dvd player...there is no way to install a cd.  My son takes a look at it...hmmm...not a good sign he says.  So he fiddles with it, restarts it...SAME he does a scan for hardware errors , perfect, no errors...reboots...SAME he does another 50 minute test...  I wait impatiently... SAME MESSAGE... 

DISAPPOINTMENT crawls in my brain...its late, I was tired..had a headache...and my brand new laptop is a LEMON.  So, it goes back to Sams Club today...its the perfect laptop for me...and they have no more in stock...  Do I wait for them to send me one just like it?  Do I get a different one?  You know how people like instant included....especially when it comes to laptops..

I will bring you the verdict later tonight...thats if I dont have a new one in my hands...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fimo Professional True Colors Sample Pack...

 I am so excited...I came home today to an unexpected package in the mail today! I had filled out a survey through a Facebook post about the new Staedtler Fimo Professional True Color polymer clay. They were only handing out so many boxes for free for filling out the survey...  I was fortunate to be one of the winners... I call it a winner because I rarely get things like this because 9 out of 10 times I am too late or just not the lucky one..

So this is what I got...6, 3oz. packs of clay...

This awesome color chart telling you the mixes and what they look like.  Its a huge list of colors, this is a small example.  The page is folded 7 times.  The 4 center pages are all the different mixes you can make. And I am sure you can make your own mixes...  I am anxious to get my hands into these clays and make some mixes of my own.  I do wish they included black, but then the numbers would be odd and the box would need to be bigger...hehehe...

This is also one of the folded pages...a nice color wheel.
So you can see how the excitement of playing with a new clay is going to be.  I will do another post once I get to dig in and have a little fun and let you know how it went.  This may take me a little time..I started back to work today so I will be pretty busy for a little while until my schedule is set.  So, come back in about a month...or follow my blog or facebook or twitter... L0(

Saturday, August 01, 2015

My Creations for ZnetShows Summer Magazine

Well, I had this awesome write up about this challenge for the Summer Issue of Creative Spark magazine from  And I managed to delete the entire page..  Don't ask, cuz really I dont know how I lost the whole thing.  Once I realized I made the mistake, I did the control Z, normal response to undoing a mistake right...NOT.. It would not work.  SOoooo, I am going to have to delay writing up the entire post again.  But for now... You can enjoy the pictures ...and the magazine.  Isn't that the most important part anyway...LOL

You can find me on page 87.  There is so much awesomeness with this issue, you dont want to miss out.  I am more impressed with each issue of all the beautiful creations.

Here is the yummy bundle of cultured sea glass beads I received.. I was to make NON jewelry pieces...

Here is what I made...

FAN PULLS...LOVE THESE...but the charms need to be on both sides..other than that, they fit quite nicely on my kitchen and dining room fan pulls

These are lanyards... I call these BLT..LOL These are the first things that came across my mind when asked to make something different.  I wear lanyards at work and the students I work with make these to raise moola for the class to buy food and other stuff!


Stitch markers...these are perfect for those who crochet or knit. I have been making stitch markers for some time now but never really made them like these.. They turned out really pretty.  I just love this color combination.

These are the extra beads I received with my bundle of joy.  The more I work with the sea glass beads, the more I really do like them.  I have liked them all along, but wow..they are so cool!

This is one of my extra pieces of sea glass beads. The bracelet is quite yummy I might add.  It fits so nicely.  I will post more pics later today.

I am not really a ring person, but I do like to make them and how awesome is this???.  This is my prototype, I think it needs a little more work but I do like it..and its actually fun to wear..  :-)  The challenge is that is has two bending the wire is a tad of a challenge and the glass chipped just a tiny tiny bit..not enough to really make a difference in the ring, you cant really tell it got chipped, but I know its there... I think I will need to use a lighter gauge wire,

:-)   Chris