Monday, June 13, 2016



Nature’s true love is COPPER. I am a lover of copper, how can you not be?  With all its benefits to our human existence and its beauty, the possibilities of creativity are endless! 
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As a designer of many things… I love to play with copper the most.   Today, I want to show you some exciting designs I have made with copper.

Tweet Tweet! A tiny blue bird says “HELLO” while dangling off the bottom branch.
A bit of the sea is always fun for me to paint up!
 Nature's True Love
This one screams SEXY all the way!  Sold within minutes of an event I attended a couple of years ago…I miss it!
 Nature's True Love
These beauties are from my students… I have no favorite…they are all super cool!
 Nature's True Love
Love…do you see it? The heart in the middle is what is a natural shape underneath a horse hoof!  I just had to paint this!!

 Nature's True Love
As you know..seaglass is one of my favorite beads to work with.. I added some sparkly glass shards on this one…only on the top 🙂
 Nature's True Love
I will admit…its not my favorite piece…but I still love the soft colors.  Its hard to see the agate, but it is quite yummy…

This is my latest and greatest piece… ALL 100 percent mine…of course, most of my pieces are. But with wire wrapping, it can be a tad tricky but I believe I have drastically improved over time…

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