Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hmm, which would you rather have???

Since I have been trying to work more with polymer clay, my hands have been getting so tired of cranking the handle of my pasta machine...the worst part is that I somehow managed to lose the clamp, so it makes it even more challenging to crank that ole handle. Its not bad if you just have a few crankings to do, but when you have to condition Kato clay, it takes forever to condition. Trust me, I have experienced the challenge of conditioning Kato clay..love the stuff..but wowsa!

So, I did the hunt...and found a set of pasta attachments for my kitchenaid...(gotta love Amazon!) OH ME OH MY...I LOVE IT!! If you are a polymer clay artist, I would definitely invest in this handy tool. I hooked it onto my kitchenaid and turned that puppy on..and within minutes my clay is ready to play with. Even the Kato clay is easier to run right through the machine...Ahhh, what a relieve it is!

My hands are so much happier. It has all of the same settings as the old hand crank pasta machine...and its easier to use. You just pull out the knob a little and it pops into its place. I can say that this is my new best tool... Its not cheap mind you...but you have to consider what your hands go through. Trust me, your hands will be so happy when you decide to give up the old hand cranking pasta machine...

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