Sunday, June 30, 2013

Znetshows Winnings...

I will have to admit, I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to get from Znetshows GC award for winning on the Diamonds in the Rough Challenge. I really needed more metal pieces to add into my designs so I searched out what Bill has on his site.  Then I kind of went crazy!  I couldnt stop at just a few items. I went a tad over my limit but its all good.

So, here are a couple of pictures I took after I organized all the beads.  I had some down time while visiting my parents and had the package sent there.  My mom was hospitalized the day after I sent in my order and Bill was awesome enough to have the box sent to their house.  I ended up staying an entire week not knowing what was really going on with my mom.  Good news she is doing very well.  They did find a blood clot in her leg which was quickly taken care of.  Although she is in the safe zone now, its still going to take 6 months for the dumb thing to go away.  But she is well supervised and in good hands.  Anyway, while I was there I was able to make a run to Harbor Freight with my dad and picked up a couple of containers.  I received the box within a couple of days and was so excited.  Even my parents were impressed!

Again, I want to THANK everybody who voted for my pieces.  I plan on making many many designs with my new goodies..


  1. wow...what a bunch of goodies! :0)

  2. Oh gracious, you did get a lot of goodies. I've also got a couple of GCs I've been holding onto from them. You may have inspired me to go on and spend them!

  3. I use it all up and then some. I figured I needed a lot of stuff so I went for it! LOL