Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Inspiration - THE BEACH - ZnetShow Challenge begins..OH YEA!!

Good morning...

Yesterday I was quite excited when I checked the mail and my box of goodies was there.  Before opening my other mail, I quickly grabbed a pair of scissors and opened my box.  BUT, before I tell you what I got, I want a little about the challenge and who my partner is.

This months  "THE BEACH" challenge is to have beading partners. Znetshow has a Pinterest page and one of the boards has some wonderful photos for inspiration.  We could either chose a photo from this board or choose our own. I decided to choose my own, which I posted below. Your partner picks out beads from this HUGE list of beads to choose from which is provided by Znetshows.   We dont know what each other is getting until we our box in the mail.  Bill, from ZnetShows is so generous when he fills up our box with beads so that we can make multiple designs.

My partner is Karla  Texas Jelly Jams, an awesome jewelry designer and she also has this fantastic business making tasty JAMS.  I recently made her Raspberry Jam Crumb Cake recipe and it was sooooo good! It was gobbled up rather quickly..hehe I need to write up a little review on that...  Funny thing, is our taste in colors is very similar so without even knowing what we liked yet, we chose beads that we perfect!

Ok, so now you have a little idea what this challenge is about and a little about my partner.  Please check out her website, you will absolutely love it!

Here is my photo of inspiration for my Partner..

I found this awesome site through Pinterest that has all of these great color swatches. Design Seeds. I chose this picture because of the beautiful colors and it looks like a place I would like to sit and relax... listen to the ocean waves and birds...I miss the beach!

This is my Beach Mix which I received in the mail yesterday... Very yummy wouldnt you say?  Reminds me of seaweed with some little fish tossed in.  The beads are a bit larger than what I normally work with so this will be my challenge.  Below is the list of beads which you can find on ZnetShows.  

This picture was chosen by my Partner 

As you see, there are lots of colors here to choose from.  I love my bead mix and I need to sit down and start drawing up some designs... 

Check back with my soon to see what I have created with these beautiful beads...my brain is thinking already!!!


  1. Oh what a fun mix you got! I know you're going to create something FABULOUS with it!! :)

  2. I agree, I have a great mix...and Thank you.. Im glad I have some time to work on this.. :-)

  3. Pretty beads! I bet you will be up to the challenge with the large beads - can't wait to see what you create!