Saturday, March 02, 2013

How to make a two wired head pin!
Sounds a little funny but if you are a jewelry designer this is a simple tutorial on how to make a two wired head pin you must try out.  I actually have been doing a lot of wire working research, mainly looking at lots of other artist’s designs and trying to figure out how they make their beautiful pieces.  I have purchased a few tutorials myself and have learned a lot.  But this technique I kind of figured out all by myself.
So, lets get started!
First here is the small list of tools you will need.
  • A torch
  • 20 gauge copper wire
  • Liquid flux
  • Hemostats
  • Goggles
  • Flush cutters
  • Small bowl of cold water
Cut two strips of copper wire with flush cutters, approximately 6 inches each.  I like this length for learning purposes.  Make sure both ends are trimmed using the flush cutters and that the ends are flat.
Put both wires with the hemostats really tight so both wires are side by side and don’t fall out of the hemostats.  This can leave marks on your wire, so put them in a spot that can be covered with beads or some other way to conceal the marks.

Dip the end of the two wires into the liquid flux.  You may want to put a small amount of the liquid flux in a small container which is clean.
(****I have not tried this yet without using flux, I just know that the flux is a great way to clean the copper when it gets heated up.  So this step could probably be eliminated.)
Next, fire up your torch and heat up the copper until it makes a ball at the end.  This happens really fast.
Once the ball is there, quickly quench the wire in a bowl of cold water.

That’s it…finished!  If you know how to use enamels, then this is the perfect time to dip the head pin in the enamel powder. Just eliminate the step of putting the headpin in water…

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