Friday, March 19, 2010

No Name....

Here is my first attempt with resin.  I really liked how Wyanne's paintings looked using resin, the richness of the colors are amazing.  The photos do no justice for what they really look like.  Im not sure I like working with the material though...It stinks something fierce!  My eyes watered and my throat burned.  I poured the resin in my garage with the door open.  My table is set up at the garage door so there was lots of fresh air!  I dont know if different brands have different smells, but this one was awful!  I know I will do this again because I really do like the end results, and I do want to attempt making jewelry with resin.  I think maybe the next time, I will keep a fan near by.  Also, I followed the instructions exact, and it took longer for the resin to set.  This could be because the weather is still slightly cool here, not much hotter than 70 degrees, and the instructions did say not to use in temperature less than 72 degrees.  But I was in the sun during this day.  It took about 2 days for it to become less sticky, and slightly smooth.  Almost a week later, it still is a little soft and sticky but you can touch it and you wont leave and impression of your fingers...but it will streak!  Im not sure how to make it less sticky unless maybe by putting a little of baby oil or glycerin, I am not sure.  I still have to try it out.  All of the pieces are not totally covered on her.  Her antenna sticks out, but I wanted it that way.  And her necklace pieces are not totally covered, but I do like it this way too.  The rest is covered.  I did make it with 2 layers.  Its a little hard to tell even not in the photo, but I think maybe the layers were not thick enough to really get the dimensional affect I was after.  Overall I am satisfied with the painting, I only hope that it gets easier, less stinky, and continue to be a fun thing to do....


  1. This came out really cool! I've been curious about working with resin as well. It's a great medium for creating one of a kind pieces! Good luck with your next attempt.

  2. Thank you Val, I appreciate your compliment. I made a few other pieces but the weather here is still too cold and it takes forever for the resin to set. But I also purchased a video to learn more about working with the resin. It is fun, and has more uses than I thought. Now if I can just get past that strong odor...LOL...I need a mask...Oh, and Ive decided she is not a butterfly...she is a bird..Hehehe

  3. Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your class at Round Table!! So different from anything else I've painted. It's always good to try new things. I still have to finish mine...I like the feathers you did on the resin one.. your faces are too cute!! I'm mailing my registration for the Retreat tomorrow!!! Thanks again for a fun class. Kathy