Friday, June 07, 2013

Ahhh... Finished! Jujubee Bracelet

While siting and watching the Giants lose... I finally finished making my Jujubee Bracelet with the Mini Conch beach glass beads from Znetshows. I have made bracelets with this technique before and they always turn out so pretty.  Normally though I use smaller beads, but I just love how this bracelet turned out.  Its slightly heavy, but it makes music when you wear it.  I dont know what it is about jewelry that makes music that fascinates me.  I think of work I suppose, you can always hear certain people walking down the hall and you know who it is by the sounds/music that they make.  We wear lanyards a lot, and with keys hanging off of the lanyards along with other fun things, we all seem to make some kind of sound/music while walking. mind is wandering because its late at night and my brain is a little on the slow mode!  LOL  I just had to put the pictures up so you can see how the bracelet turned out...

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Hope you enjoyed the candy...eye candy that is...  :-)