Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Your Story Blog Hop

Well, this is my story and Im stickin to it!
I started out years ago using the Business name of Miles of Country Smiles.  I still use this name since I still have my business legally under this name. I started out in 1996 when the internet became readily available using dial up..remember those days??... I thought I would expose the world with my creations.  I was making dolls and lots of little artsy crafty stuff.  My very good friend, who I miss very much since she moved to NY, used to get together with me and make all kinds of crafty stuff together.  She moved and my creativity changed over time.  She was the one who came up with the ideas an I would put them together.  She too made things, but with the 2 of us, we couldn't go wrong.  So, time went on after she moved, we created over the phone and had some fun that way. 
 Then one summer, I had 2 of my nephews staying at my house for a week..they were bored, I was bored, and they had just finished watching the Little Mermaid.  So when I went into the living room, I asked them what should I do, what should I create?  They all suggested I make a mermaid.  So my mermaid dolls came along!  I created lots of mermaids, and tossed in a fairy here and there.  One day, my friend and I were chatting about what could we do to change my business name, because I evolved from country styled creations into more fantasy creations.  So we went back and forth and back and forth...wrote a bunch of different words down which represented fairies and mermaids. 
 I love the thesaurus and this is how my new name came about!  It better fits my style of creations now even though I have not made as many dolls lately.  I have changed again over the past 3 years and got into making Jewelry and Art Dolls.  So cloth dolls have been set aside for now. 
Thanks for stopping by and reading about my story, I hope you enjoyed it and stop by again to see what the next craziness pops into my head!  Enjoy reading all the other stories below...
ps...please feel free to leave me a little comment...I just love them..!!!


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