Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Bead Mix from Claire

Well, I absolutely love my mix.  When I got home from running my errands today, I went to my mailbox and took a peek inside and found this little box....I quickly looked at who it was from and practically ran in the house, tossed my stuff down and ripped the paper off the box.  Then proceeded to cut the tape and opened up the box...saw a beautiful card and a sweet note from Claire.  I opened up each little bag and spread the beads out over a piece of paper...and I shined a bright light on all of the beads so I could get a better look...they are just amazing.  So much texture!  This picture doesnt do them justice.  So, now my brain is workin and thinkin of what I can do with all those yummy beads...

CLAIRE...THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!  And by the way, if you have not yet checked our her site, you are missing out!  You will be totally in love with her jewelry.

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