Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Bottle Doll!

Well, I finally got her done, I think!  This doll is one of my tallest glass bottle dolls I have made so far.  She is just about 12 inches tall!  I think she is one of my best so far, although I have one I am working on that will be a tutorial in the future...hopefully by summer if I can get my act together!  I don't have a name for her yet but I will be working on that soon too.  We recently acquired 2 new kitties, and one of them is sick.  But she is going to be just fine.  I will post pictures of the girls later. Anyway, they are a handful and I just love em, but they are taking up a little of my play time...well...not really cuz I do play with them...its just a different kind of play time...Hehehehe... So, if you have any suggestions for names for my newest dolly, I am all ears!