Sunday, February 22, 2015

Special Order Rifle Casings

I was asked about 3 weeks ago from a young lady via Etsy,  if I would be interest in creating something from the casings that were fired at her fathers funeral. My heart dropped a tad because I always hate to hear of someones passing.  I accepted the challenge!  A couple of weeks of us writing each other back and forth, we finally decided on the keychains.  I did a little practice drawings and a little research on what to draw on the casings.  We came up with the idea of flowers from Hawaii and some simple vines.  I dug through my "junk jewelry" and found some great items I knew would look awesome and that would relate to her father.  She sent me the casings and I got to work almost immediately when they arrived at my house.

I am so thrilled that they turned out beautifully! I have not done many casings this size, only about 3 others.  And these were so special I didnt want to make any kind of error.  I asked if I could show off these casings, and she said "Feel free, you should be proud, they look great!  I feel very honored that she had asked me and I am so glad she really likes them.

Thank you again Celeste!

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