Sunday, February 23, 2014


Well, I think I got the right mix of things now with my newest creations, Cabs!  Cabochons have been very interesting to me these days and I have seen sooo many beautiful ways to make them.  I decided I would put my own touch into making these little creations.  I have had several rejects which I will share with you here...  But now that I think I have it going good, I went ahead and listed them on my etsy which I will give you the links below

This is my first piece. It looks great, but is too thin...but its still a nice piece.

This is really pretty but when I put the resin on top, I did it wrong and the resin ended up being really thick and has a lip on it that I need to remove.

Basically I still have these 3 pieces.  The orange starfish I made into a pendent and its going to be on a beautiful necklace which you will get to see soon..  I promise, it will be well worth the wait!

In the first batch, I lost 2 pieces due to the resin leaking past the tape.  I learned later from an awesome group of ladies on a facebook group I belong to, how to do the resin the correct way.  Phew!  So glad to have beading buddies!

What I do, is hand draw on the piece with pencil, shade it in with pencil, add the water colors, then spruce it up some with white acrylic paint and a hint of ink pens.  Heat set them and put a layer of resin on top to add that extra shine and it also helps with the durability of the cab.  I tried 3 different brands of clay.  One, which I have to order is the Kato it!  Second is the Craft Clay which is the Michaels brand...HATE IT! and Sculpy 3 which works really well but is not quite strong, but I do like how easy it is to work with.  I have used Sculpy clay for a long time with just other stuff, but not as a cabochon.  I think since I dont have to order the clay and its easily found at Michaels, I will just continue to use this.  I will do a clay comparison later..

So, now for the final fun creations... Now available on my Etsy shop...

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