Sunday, January 13, 2013

ZnetShows Challenge

Well, I could not sleep tonight, not sure if it’s the excitement of today. First of all, at work, we are doing a chili cook off, and I just have this gut feeling we are going to win!! Oh yea, I can make a mean chili. Of course, our students are really the ones making it. I work with young adults with mild cognitive differences and they are great!

Aside from that, today is the day when ZNETShows choose the pieces they want to take with them to Tucsan. I really enjoyed making all the pieces and hope that a few of them get chosen. I am positive we will all have at least one or more pieces at Tuscan because there is not one piece of jewelry here that I would not be proud of to wear… :-)

UPDATE! Tomorrow is when ZNETShows chose the finalist to have their jewelry pieces taken and displayed in Tucson. You can check out the event here.

SOoooo, since I have been awake for an hour already…UHH..actually since 4am….I decided I would put together all the blogs of the artists who have been creating as much as I have for this fun event. There is no order to the blogs, but take a peek at them and enjoy all their fantastic jewelry creations…

UPDATE! I now copied the list from ZNETShows website so now all of the links are correct.



ZNETShows Facebook

ZNETShows Blog

Anitra - LeeLu Creations

Becky - Becky Pancake Bead Designs

Bobbie - Beadsong Jewelry

Charlie - Clay Space

Cherrie - En La Lumière

--->Christina - Wings N Scales<---- You are here!

Christine - Sweet Girl Design

Cindy - Live to Design

Donetta - Simply Gorgeous

Gretchen - Gretchen Nation Collection

Heather - The Crafthopper

Heidi - Heidi Kingman Jewelry

Hope - CraftyHope

Kay - KayzKreationz

Kelly - Traveling SideShow

Klaudette - Only Road

Mimi - Beads, Baubles, Other Curiosities

Pam - Crazy Creative Corner

Rachel - R. Baron Designs

Sandi - Do Be Do Bead Do

Suzette - Ellie's Bijoux

UPDATED MY PICTURES There are more pictures which are not shown on ZNETShows Facebook, so take a peek at my flickr site to see them all...THANKS

ZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow Creations
ZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow Creations
ZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShow CreationsZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry Creation
ZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry CreationZnetShows Jewelry Creation

ZnetShows Challenge, a set on Flickr.


  1. All of your pieces are gorgeous - I love your pictures showing all of the lovely details! Good luck!!

  2. Thank you so much Christine, I need to make my rounds to all the other members of the team.

  3. First off I want to tell you your designs are gorgeous. There is so much to see it just keeps going. Your photography is amazing. It is sexy and really makes a person want the designs. It really inspires me to step up my shooting.

  4. Cherrie,
    WOW what a compliment! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, it means a whole lot to me coming from another jewelry artist.

  5. What they said! Your pieces are simply amazing, and your photograpy skills are superb. You've created such lovely pieces of jewelry!

  6. Thank you Donetta! I have always dabbled in photography and I have this super cool lens attachment that I just love now. Got it for my birthday in Dec. Its amazing how it adds to the photos, the soft edges and so on. :-)

  7. Can I have those green and orange earrings ;) Honestly all of your creations are beautiful! Great job with the sea glass.

  8. Hehehe...Chalie, love your name...and Thank you very much... I thought those earrings would have been chosen, but they didnt...I do love the colors. I think I am going to put them up for sale on my Etsy shop. I will let you know..

  9. So many great pieces. Great pictures of them, too. I'm in awe. I only got 4 designs done with my samples.

  10. You really made the most of what they sent you. Each and every piece is fantastic. Simply the number of earring designs you came up with is staggering. . .and they're each so original and unique. Your whole collection is quite romantic and give me a dreamy feeling. Congrats on achieving so much with these lovely beads!

  11. Thank you so much Crafty Hope...and KrazyKreationz. I appreciate your comments and compliments. Now the trick is to keep it