Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Well, I want to brag a little.  I think its ok to brag once in awhile without feeling a little vein dont you? I, among many other artists at HandMadeArtists was asked to do a little write up about ourselves and how we have come to being the artist we are today.  So I answered all of the questions and turned in the form and have been waiting to see when my feature would present itself.  Well, I got the email yesterday and finally sat down and read it this evening.  I am so impressed at how Kimberly had interpreted my writing and wrote my life story in this amazing way. She had hit every event in my life so perfectly that I felt she was right there with me.  I am so thankful for her creativity in writing and seeing my life a little more clearly and with a little more flare. With all of this said, I am sure you really want to read the article now...right?  I sure hope so! Not to brag really but to share a little of my life with you.  Please take a few minutes to read it and I would love to have your comment posted either here or at HandMadeArtists site.  Thank you soooo much!

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