Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wow...what a day!  I was a vendor at the Suisun May Artisan Fair today and was expecting heat, but instead we got some wind and a little on the cold side.  But had a great time.  I was so excited, I sold 2 of my bottle dolls.  Infact, one of them I didnt even get to take a final picture of so I cant even share it with you. But that is ok, I will just have to make more!  The event was a little slow at first, then it picked up in the afternoon.  My son helped me out a whole lot as usual.  He just loves to talk to people.  My gift from him today was a 10 minute massage..and boy did it feel great!  I need to find her business card so I can share her business with you.  She is really good.  There was entertainment, and wow where they good too.  Lots of great artists were there.  I will be doing the event in October this year and I will keep you posted on that event when it gets closer.  Dummy me forgot to take my camera so unfortunately I do not have any pictures....but it was a very nice event.  One thing that was not so cool and I dont mean to talk bad about anybody, but there was one particular individual who was quite rude to all the people who walked past him.  The only nice thing that came out of his mouth was HAPPY MOTHERS day to all the ladies, but as soon as the person walked past him, he must have had a whoopy cushion and faked passing gas.  It may have been funny to him, but it was actually rather disgusting for an adult to behave that way in public.  Thank goodness he was asked to stop and he went elsewhere for a while. Then he came back with a few buddies and hung around while we all packed out stuff and left. People do the strangest things for attention. ARGH!

So the good news....I have lots of fun new stuff I will be listing this week, including about 6 sets of stitch markers and 15 or so pairs of earrings and some be on the look out!

Hope all you MOMS out there in the universe had a great wonderful day...lots of love...

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