Monday, November 07, 2011

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads I found this to be handy when it comes to bead shapes. There are so many types of beads out there that at times it can be a little confusing knowing that to call it!... Enjoy!


  1. That is handy! Just when I think I "know it all," (ha) some new shape comes along to prove me wrong.

    I also was surprised to learn how rondelles are measured the other day. I had ordered some metal ones and they were completely flat, the measurement provided reaching from one side of the bead to the other, which makes perfect since I guess, but they were so tiny I had to return them. These were like small seed beads only flat. I can't "do" that small any more!

    Anyway, thanks for passing along this helpful chart!

  2. Your welcome Sharyl. I still get confused on rondelles myself. There are smooth round ones and flat ones...ugh!