Friday, January 07, 2011


If you like to play with words like I do, this site is really cool!  Visual Thesaurus puts together a cluster of words together for you with one little click of your mouse!  You get a fun diagram plus all the examples of the word you are looking up and the possibilities you can mean with that one little word.  I recently joined this online Scrapbooking Journaling group, its a years adventure in creating a journal using just the one word you pick!  So I did the hunt online because that is how I am....and I love a thesaurus cause that is how I am...and viola!  This is inexpensive to join for a year, only $20 and you can cancel at any time which I like just in case I change my mind.  But I doubt it.  You can always just do the copy and paste routine too if you prefer, but this puts it all together for you with just one little click... I know now what I am going to do for my Journal, I will keep you up to date as time goes by.  I may put together a different blog, we shall see!  Have fun checking out this site!  I know I did...hehehe

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