Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

A little late as I usually am. I have been sick for what seems eternity, but am finally feeling like my normal self. I took my first day back to work off so that I can recover from the nasty germ that infected me right after Christmas. I also had a little mishap yesterday while cleaning up my work room... I kindof fell..yes..clutz that I am! So now I got this huge nasty bruise on my really hurts, but I will live. So that is another good reason to hang out at home today. My body is a little sore. I feel stupid..never have I fallen like this before..If I wasnt cleaning my room, I wouldnt have fallen right? But I had to clean up this mess...after the holidays this room can be really crazy. So every year I have to tidy up! Well...more than once a year I have to do tidy up. So, now that my room is in better shape...I can get back to work on my creations. I did something different this Christmas. I made earrings. I sent them to my sisters and my mom about 2 weeks before I went out there. They sold almost every pair for me! I was amazed! And they want more guess they like my stuff. So my younger sister and I went to Beverlys craft store and we found such beautiful beads, nothing I have seen in my area. So, I bought a bunch of them.. spent the money I made! But the beads are really beautiful, how could I resist! So, I am thinking that maybe I should do a little more with jewelry. Its fun, and fairly simple to make. Just what I need, another hobby....... Oh well...that is what life is all about right?

Ok, so, as time goes, I will be adding more of my creations to my blog... OH, did I mention that I submitted my dolls to a book? Yup, I did. Lets hope they accept my art. I will keep you posted on that too!

SO, here is one more of my creations. I decided to name her Orange Blossom. I have 2 more bottles of the same size to do up, and I will add them as soon as I get them done. And my other doll just below this message is named Wisteria. I had other names, but I like these 2 for now.

OH, and one more thing...I got my new camera for Christmas...I am sooooo happy. The Canon Rebel...LOVE IT! So, I will have better photos of my stuff...YIPPY!