Saturday, March 22, 2014

My BSBS Partner - Christine Stonefield

Well, its about time I sit at my computer and start writing about the BSBP bog hop which will be happening before you know it.  But before I do anything else, I want to introduce you to my fantastic BSBP partner, Christina Stonefield.  She is an amazing mother of 4 young boys which I am sure keep her quite busy.  She is also creates beautiful vintage jewelry designs.  I love vintage jewelry but have not dabbled in that area much when it comes to designing jewelry. You can find her work here, and you can also find her as one of ZnetShows very talented jewlery designers. We discovered we have a bit in common such as being a designer for ZnetShows, love the beach and the mountains.  We both have boys although she has 2 more than I do.

With this in mind, I really enjoyed making her a couple of pendents with those fun vintage colors of oranges, golds, blues and a hint of green.  I sent her one package to start off just so she could have a head start...and now I am finishing up on a second pendent I really want her to have.

Below are the beads which I recieved from her...I just love ALL of them...

WOW...what do you think so far?

This is a beautifully created pendent and leaf are made by Jeannie K Dukic of JKD Studio

Yummy coin beads...

Look at those beautiful vintage buttons...I need to think about how I can create with those babies...

I love this huge clasp...I have always been attracted to the clasps almost as much as the pendents...LOVE!

See the beautiful handful of wooden beads...Hmmm...what to make with those!

One of my favorite colors...bright apple green...yuuuuummmy!

THANKS AGAIN to Lori Anderson who put this fantastic BSBP together...

Be on the look out for May 1st for the reveal!

Oh..and finally one last note...I think I forgot to photograph the soup mix I sent Christine.  I can not find the pictures on any of my big camera was in the shop at the time so maybe I just forgot.....but thats ok, I know she will take pictures...

Chris  :-)


  1. Chris, it's been so fun getting to know you! I can't wait to see what you make with your soup !! Thank you for the amazing handpainted cabs and all of the lovely beads!!

    1. You are very welcome and I cant wait to see what you create... I am still working on what I am going to make with your soup...I have some ideas and they have been rolling around in my head...LOL THANKS... :-)