Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Beach Glass Beads from ZnetShows

UPDATED, keep scrolling to see my new designs... THX

Bill has done it again!  He has asked several of us jewelry designers to create some beautiful jewelry with their new baby CONCH beach glass beads .  These are smaller than the older CONCH beach glass beads 

I really like these little shells a lot.  They are small enough to make earrings, not too heavy either.  They are also great in necklaces and bracelets.  I really like how they sound too when you wear them.  They make a little music on your wrist when worn...  As you know, I love glass and metal mixed together.


Aside from jewelry, I have created these cute little mermaid cloth dolls.  All of the beads I used are from ZnetShows.  Notice the flippers... One thing I thought would be fun was to add a little glitter to the beach glass beads for bling!  See how pretty these dolls turned out?  I am sad though...well..actually happy because they are going to a new home soon.  These were created for a Mermaid Pin Doll Swap for DOLL STREET DREAMERS, a group I belong to online.  We have these swaps several times a year.

I will be making a tutorial on how to make these fun little girls this summer.  Please let me know if you would be interested in learning how to make them.  I will notify you once I have the tutorial available.

I found some really cheap fingernail polish at Walgreens and it was a perfect match for the flippers. I only wanted to add some to the edges and not on the entire sea glass bead.  I think it would be overkill on the glitter...but then again, one can never have enough glitter...LOL

Thanks again, for stopping by!

More designs created for this challenge... June 11 Update!!

I had seen lots of beautiful jewelry created with oval rings and thought this piece would be perfect with the oval wire wrapped ring.  My first attempt was a flop..LOL  I wasnt holding on to the seed beads the right way, but once I figured it out..piece of cake..well..LOL  It took me some time to wrap the entire ring, but not too bad.  My fingers did not like it that much but hey...the final piece turned out pretty good dont you think??  hehehe

I really like this pair a lot.  It took me some time to decide what I was going to do with the green mini conch beads.  I like to mix up my colors a bit to add more interest instead of being all monochromatic.  I still have a few of the mini conch beads to work with, I just havent decided yet what I am going to do with them... Too many little projects going on all at the same time...but..that is how I create the best I think...


  1. Dang girl, you work FAST! I've got half of one item made with my little sea shells, but I've had one of the nieces all week. I'm hoping to get to work with the cuties a little more after I take her home this afternoon. Your pieces sure are inspiring though!!

  2. Very pretty designs! Those shells look so versatile!

  3. are so funny! I had a 4 day weekend so I was able to get some play time in. These shells I have found to be fun to work with. I have a dangle bracelet in the makings.. THANKS... :-)

  4. love those sweet little shell earrings!

  5. Very very pretty designs! Hope to see other designs soon! Thanks! http://www.seaglass.u/

  6. Thank you Kathy, Antiquity and Odessa... Odessa, nice website..