Sunday, May 09, 2010

Artisan Fair in Vacaville

Well, May is flying right past us already ~ Last weekend was the Artisan Fair in Vacaville and I had a very nice time.  It was a first time event, so the crowd was not there, but it wasnt really slow either.  I did pretty good considering it was a first time event.  The event was not huge, or over crowded which was actually quite nice.  I saw many friends I have not seen in years, one advantage to doing a local show.  I do plan on returning next year as I can see this event becoming larger in time.  Very nice people, plenty of food and music.  Perhaps next time there will be more vendors who sell home made food items.  There was no shortage of jewelry artists, good thing was we all had our own style.  Here are a few photos of my booth.  I kept it quite simple this time and I receive a lot of compliments.  I really do believe that a clean creative booth makes a difference.

This is my hubby kickin back...He was a great help!

This is a close up of my displayed work..People really enjoyed the flat stones I used to put my earrings on...
I put the dolls in the center.  I got lots of great compliments on them too... Someday they will have a home other than mine...LOL  Later that afternoon the wind picked up big we had to put the dolls away...the wind blows them down and they are glass, so I dont really want any broken ones!