Saturday, October 31, 2009

Newest Dotti Doll!

Here is my newest Dotti Doll. I named her Zelda because she reminds me of a wild cat. I took most of the day putting her together...I like to take my She has a belly button, ta ta's and a butt! I try to make all my dolls with butts...hehehe.. sometimes I can't!

Her face is painted with watercolors and acrylics. I outlined everything to add a little more detail. Can you believe I used a purple micron pigma pen to do that... I thought I grabbed a brown one. The lighting was not that great in my living room or I would have notice right away...but I think I like it this way! I have an ott light, but its in my dining room where I do most of my jewelry...oh well.. Oh, and I rubbed the tips of her hair walnut stain distress ink! I have more pictures of her that I will put up soon...

I'm debating if I should put a skirt on her or some kind of a tu-tu. I think I want to do a little more sparklies on her too... I would love to hear your input!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!!