Saturday, December 14, 2013


I just posted the Creative Spark Magazine.  I thought I would post my designs which I made for the magazine.  There was a handful of us designers for Znetshows which were challenged to create designs from their pearls.  We got to pick out our own mix.  I posted this challenge earlier if you would like to see what beads I used.  I also have them listed in the magazine.  I love challenges because they get my mind thinking in different directions and I never know what brain is going to come up with.  Sometimes I get that...Ah..I know what I am going to do...and other times...its like...Hmmm...I think this is what I want to do...oh wait..nooo...not that...its ugly!  Oh, how about this?  Ok...this might work...  you see how it goes?  Hehehehe...  Anyhooo...  here are some pics..

Please feel free to leave a comment or two...would love to get your feedback!


This set is called... Cinnamon Teal with Attitude!  LOL
I had seen somewhere on the web, wish I remembered the name of the artist, the hammered bar.  I knew right away how I would change it and add my own to the creation.

This is called....Sparkling Teal Champagne
I made this necklace first.  I made some beaded beads and I had some sari silk which matched perfectly with the beads.  Lots of fun to make...then once I finished the necklace I made the bracelet...using smaller beads

I might make a tutorial on both of these sets...let me what you think...  :-)

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