Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The joys of rejection!

Well, you know how it goes...you found this article in a bead magazine...they say they are looking for a specific type of designs to be submitted into the magazine for a special type magazine.  So your brain starts kicking in and you start drawing up all these designs...and you start chugging away, making this and making that... Your mojo is on full speed! You take tons of pictures trying to find the perfect one for the submission...hr after hr of working and fixing and making sure it is all perfect for your expectations ..and really they are perfect.  The day to submit is getting close... you work even harder to make all your jewelry look great!  You are set to go.  You submit your designs one by one...slowly making sure you do everything exact as the instructions from the magazine tells you to do.  You proof read your submission...then you take a deep breath...and click on the SEND button...  Phew..that was easy.  So you continue with your remaining submissions    All is well, you can breath now.  They tell you it will take up to a week for them to respond.  So you move on with your daily stuff.  Minutes go, hours go, and even a couple of days.

 You are sitting in your work room playing around with a few more ideas...then suddenly you decide to check your email... VIOLA... you got messages from the magazine...YAY..  Ok,  hold on...take a deep breath...after all this is your very first submission to a magazine...  You carefully open the first message...BAM!!  REJECTION...awww..ok, so lets try the second one..BAM, again...wow..what did I do wrong!  Next one...BAM..that makes 3..finally the last one, you are holding your breath...crossing your fingers...BAM..not again!  AAAAwww...  I thought I did everything they wanted...right?

 Well..you bet you I did.  But it wasn't what they are looking for...so...I move on..try again.  Perhaps my jewelry will go better in a different magazine.  After all, I am still a baby when it comes to doing bead work and jewelry making.  Many designers who get chosen have tons of years and training behind them...not me.  But I do know my jewelry is unique and just as good as many of the well seasoned jewelry makers.  Just mine is my way.  So, am I angry, NO, am I disappointed, MAYBE, will I try again, OH HECK YA!  If there is anything I learned in life, is that there are 2 sides to everything, and its either GOOD or BAD, WHITE OR BLACK, LIGHT OR DARK, you get the picture.  I am glad that I even tried.  So, I need to keep chuggin away...and enjoy making my jewelry my way...FUN!

Ok, now that I got that all off loaded, I feel better now...THANKS for listening...

I will put the pictures up soon since I can now display them online..


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